NW Arkansas Best Senior Photographer on Location and Studio

What is Team Branch?

Team Branch members show off our work to their friends and refer them to Branch for their senior portraits. You can earn valuable credit towards your own order or products like a $250 Gift Card. ALSO, TeamBranch members get other special perks throughout their senior year like a bonus photo shoot and being featured in our advertising , making you look like a star!

What are my advantages of being on Team Branch”?

Team Branch members will be used in social media marketing as well as studio displays. You're awesome photos will be seen by thousands of people all over the world. We will tag you on Facebook as well as Instagram every time your photo is used so you will be notified as well as all your friends and family.

Team Branch members receive Referral Cards from their Model shoot to show off to friends and help refer them to Branch. Each referral earns you valuable credits to go towards your Branch Senior Portraits AND gives your friends discounts as well. If you bring in 10 or 20 you get an additional bonus at each level that could be a $250 gift card or more! These savings can add up to a few hundred dollars!

Do I have to look like a model?

No! Being a Team Branch Model is about personality and your willingness to show your photos to others. We want all shapes and sizes, both guys and girls. If you don’t think yoyu are that photogenic, don’t worry, Keith with coach you through, giving you all the tips you need to look your best.

Why choose Branch?

Many studios offer model programs, but if you’re going to model for a senior photographer, why not model for the one you really want to go to anyway and has established a reputation of trust and quality. Notice how EVERY Branch senior looks great? That’s because we know what it takes to bring out your best and make you look awesome! It’s all about great lighting and posing. Not to mention, we have more backgrounds and sets than any studio in NWA!

How do I sign up?

First, click on the application link at the bottom of this page. Then Team Branch candidates must bring a parent to a meeting to get all the details and officially join. Then we will have our first Model Photo shoots within a couple of weeks so you can show off your photos to your fellow classmates before school lets out.

For your investment of only $190, you'll receive a studio & location senior session, not to mention hundreds of dollars of potential credit OR $250 gift card, depending on your referrals. Your session must take place in June in order to be on Team Branch.

Click here for Team Branch Application