NW Arkansas Best Senior Photographer on Location and Studio

Branch has photographed seniors from all over, whether you're a senior from Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville or to anywhere the US or international. Most of all, we have a senior photo shoot designed for you.

We have four custom sessions for you to choose from. We have, in our two camera rooms, more props, backgrounds & lighting than ANY STUDIO in NW Arkansas! We encourage you to bring something to make your portraits more personal, whether it be sports, hobbies or personal interest. We have had the usual to the exotic brought to the studio. Pets are ok as long as they relieve themselves before you bring them into the studio and that you have someone to take care of it while you are being photographed. Cars are great too! Got a boyfriend or girlfriend, no problem, get them to wear an outfit that will go with one of yours and we'll put them in a couple of your photographs at no charge.

We offer a pre planning session, if you would like to take advantage of this. This is done to make sure you look your best. During this time, we find out what your style is. What is important to you, what your favorite candy is, what color your dog is… well, maybe that's too far, but you get the point. We will chat about all the details on clothing, backgrounds, hair, props and locations that best capture you.
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