NW Arkansas Best Senior Photographer on Location and Studio


Why shoot 200 to get 3-4 good ones? Keith will not do that, in fact, it's a very common phrase when people are ordering "there are too many good ones". He understands how to make an ordinary 'picture' in to a great portrait - a beautiful image. That knowledge is used on every photograph taken!


Proper posing can truly make you look thinner, but the wrong one can be very unflattering. VERY few photographers have the knowledge of how to turn and position a person in front of the camera to make them look more flattering. Keith will coach you on how to stand, move and position to make you look your best. Girls and guys are also posed VERY differently, there are masculine an feminine poses and Keith, has photographed thousands of seniors and knows the difference. He will make sure the girls look beautiful and the guys look great! We will accentuate your positives and hide the areas you're concerned about.


There are too many "photographers" that think the Instagram effects are the color to shoot for. Who's skin looks like that in reality? Branch has in depth technical knowledge of colors and insures they are properly displayed. Others may tell you that color doesn't matter that much, try telling a painter the color of his paints don't matter.


Sometimes great lighting just 'happens' and we can be there to capture it, then there's the other 90% of the time. Most of the time there are bad shadows, spotty light or no light in the eyes, this is where Branch's knowledge and experience with lighting will make your photos the best they can be. Other 'photographers' may just take what light is given to them when the picture is taken. Branch doesn't just 'settle' - we first look for the proper sun angles then determine what light is needed and the proper angle and power to make the image pleasing. This takes more effort, but our clients are worth it!

Customer Knowledge

Most people are unsure how to properly prepare for their session. You may have a lot of questions, unless you're a model! When you schedule your session with us, we will guide you on things such as clothing suggestions, things to avoid and even grooming tips.


A lot of people have the misconception that since the quality is so great, the prices must be huge. Not so, you'll be surprised that our prices are not only reasonable, but well below national average, especially considering the quality, variety and experience you'll receive. We have some people spend as low as $400, others into the thousands, it all depends on your budget and wants. It's all up to you.

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